ABYC Certification: A Benchmark in Marine Technical Education

When customers search for top-notch marine technicians, ABYC Certification stands out. Our nationally accredited program hones the skills of individual technicians and elevates the standard of businesses. Ensure your team remains updated and equipped to offer the best services.

ABYC Certification Highlights

  • Nationally Accredited Program: Recognized as the benchmark in marine technical education.
  • Broad Spectrum of Expertise: Certifications in Marine Systems, Marine Electrical, Advanced Marine Electrical, and more.
  • Master Technician Credential: For those seeking the pinnacle of marine service excellence.

Join over 4,500 marine technicians who have stamped their commitment to safety with ABYC’s Certification.

For Businesses: Commit to Excellence

In the marine industry, the strength of your business is often measured by the skills of your technicians. Solidify your position as a trusted leader in boat service and repair.

  • Demonstrated Commitment to Industry Standards
  • Enhanced Credibility
  • Strengthen Team Skills
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
For Individuals: Your Journey to Marine Mastery

Stand Out with ABYC Certification. With ABYC, you’re not just getting a certification—you’re making a statement of dedication, quality, and trust in the marine world.

  • Distinguish Yourself
  • Continuous Learning
  • Gain Industry Credibility
  • Boost Your Career

Professional Certifications Include:

How to become ABYC Certified

Classes are taught by industry professionals/ABYC Certified Technicians and held around the world and online. ABYC Certifications are verified by the third party NOCTI Business Solutions, ensuring relevance and value. Exams are all multiple-choice questions measuring your knowledge in different areas. Upon passing, certifications are active for 5 years.

How to Earn a Professional Certification
  1. Take a Certification course – View calendar
  2. Self-study and test with a proctor – Learn more here

To maintain your ABYC Professional Certification you must take the shorter recertification exam and fulfill a CEU requirement. Recertification is a simple process that re-establishes your educational standing in the industry.

On-site Courses

ABYC Business members can choose to host its own in-person or virtual class. Businesses can host the location and fill the course with their own attendees for a set price to ABYC, which includes the study guides, exams and a dedicated instructor.

Certification Designations

ABYC recognizes that many different types of marine industry professionals desire ABYC professional certifications, however not all of those individuals are physically working on boats. Many are in an advisory or consulting position and have a need for the same type of knowledge, but lack the practical skills that are necessary by service and installation technicians. ABYC has created certification designations to better associate the type of work being done by the individual.

Advisor Certification

Designed for people who work within the marine service sector that desire an ABYC certification but do not physically work on boats performing repairs.

Examples: Marine surveyors, customer service representatives and engineering standards compliance specialists. 

  • Requirements for initial certification: Passing score on certification exam
  • Requirements for re-certification: Passing score on re-certification exam + 10 CEUs
  • Certifications are valid for 5 years
Technician Certification

Technician certification is the means by which the ABYC and the general public identify those that are actually certified to perform trouble-shooting, repairs and equipment installations on boats.

Examples: Technicians, installers. 

  • Requirements for initial certification: Passing score on certification exam + 2 years of work experience.
  • Requirements for re-certification: Passing score on re-certification exam + 10 CEUs
  • Certifications are valid for 5 years

NOCTI Collaboration: Third-Party Validation

Our collaboration with NOCTI underscores the authenticity and rigor of the ABYC Professional Certification Program. Renowned for its commitment to high-quality assessment and validation services, NOCTI’s third-party validation provides an added layer of credibility to our certifications, emphasizing the program’s alignment with the highest industry benchmarks.

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