The self-study option is done by purchasing a copy of the study guide, doing a full self-review of the guide, and then purchasing the exam to test online once ready.

There are several reasons why you might decide to challenge an ABYC Certification exam. You’ll be taking the same exam as the students who are in the full length class and will need to do so in a proctored environment. We can help you each step of the way.

Just because you aren’t sitting in class leading up to a certification exam, doesn’t mean you are off the hook in terms of preparation. The certification exams are multiple-choice and range around 200 questions or more and time limit at 3 to 3.5 hours. It is no small feat to take and pass an exam without devoting a significant amount of time beforehand.

The study guides are not included with the proctored testing so they will have to be purchased separately.


ABYC Member $295 per attempt

Nonmember $595 per attempt

What to Do

Step 1: Purchase the study guide and do a self-study. Click here to purchase a study guide.

Step 2: Purchase the exam by contacting Education Department  at education@abycinc.org or 410-990-4460 x4002.

Step 3: ABYC’s certification exams are required to be taken with a proctor, we use an online a proctoring service called ExamRoom.AI.

Required for testing:

  1. Desktop or Laptop with:
  • Audio mic
  • Webcam
  • Google Chrome
  1. Government issued form of ID
  2. Single computer monitor (dual monitor needs to be disconnected)

Step 4: Test!

Scoring Information

Certification Cut Score # of Questions  Exam Duration
Marine Electrical 83% 204  3.5 hours
Marine Corrosion 83.6% 189  3.5 hours
Marine Systems 83% 213  3.5 hours
Marine Standards 83% 134  3 hours
Diesel Engines 80% 185  3.5 hours
Gasoline Engines 83% 192  3.5 hours
A/C Refrigeration 84% 176  3.5 hours
Marine Composites 80% 200  3.5 hours
Advanced Electrical 77%  197 3.5 hours


Contact Education Department for more information at education@abycinc.org

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