Course Description

As the electrical and electronics systems on recreational vessels become more and more complex, the electrical technician must advance their knowledge base to keep pace with them. This course offers a deeper look at some subjects from the Marine Electrical Certification course, such as alternative charging courses, AC power-conversion equipment, and galvanic isolation, as well as introducing the advanced topic of three-phase power distribution and the ever-advancing technology of electric propulsion. Information on troubleshooting and diagnosing issues with these systems is also discussed.

Topics & Standards Covered

  • Troubleshooting Advanced Electrical Problems
  • Performing advanced electrical diagnostics
  • Design and applications of electrical control circuits
  • Characteristics and properties of three-phase power distribution
  • Investigating and analyzing power quality
  • Methods of voltage regulation
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Design and components of AC power-conversion systems
  • Specifications and requirements of electrical-propulsion systems
  • Installation and operation of digital switching systems
  • Fail-Safe Galvanic Isolation Systems

Exam/Credit Details

  • On-Demand Course Fees: Member $1,295 – Nonmember $1,695
  • Exam only Fees: Member $295 – Nonmember $595
  • The exam is comprised of 197 questions
  • The passing score: 83%
  • Timed Exam: 3.5 Hours
  • CEUs available: 32

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