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ABYC Member, your business embodies the pinnacle of quality, reliability, safety, and integrity in the marine industry. Your unwavering commitment to safety not only sets you apart from competitors but also significantly elevates customer satisfaction.

In today’s fiercely competitive landscape, showcasing your ABYC affiliation to both fellow industry professionals and consumers should be a priority. Explore our tips and resources below to maximize the benefits of your membership:

Ensure Your Information is Current

ABYC operates a dedicated recreational boater website designed to educate consumers about the significance of standards and the role of ABYC Members and Certified Technicians. To ensure your affiliation is accurately highlighted, kindly confirm your current contact details with us. Maintaining accurate email information is crucial to keeping you informed about ABYC news, events, and opportunities.

Personalized Business Promotion

Has your company availed the benefits of our personalized member commercial? Connect with us at marketing@abycinc.org, providing essential details including your company name, logo, address, website, and social media information. We’ll take it from there, crafting a compelling personalized commercial.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Stay connected with ABYC on social media platforms. As you follow us, we reciprocate by following you back. By tagging ABYC in your relevant posts, you pave the way for us to share your content – whether it pertains to boating safety or ABYC Certifications/Membership – thereby enhancing the promotion of your business.

Sample Press Releases

ABYC actively encourages boaters to seek out ABYC Members for their service needs. Amplify the visibility of your membership status by utilizing our sample press releases. These resources are designed to help you initiate the process of informing the public about your esteemed affiliation. If you need assistance in creating a custom press release, don’t hesitate to contact saronson@abycinc.org.

Apparel Customization

Discover ABYC’s new apparel store, offering the opportunity to customize a range of items with ABYC’s logo alongside your business logo. Explore the store and elevate your branding with personalized attire.

Utilizing the ABYC Member Logo

ABYC’s logo is a powerful tool for enhancing your marketing materials. Here are some strategic recommendations for its use across various platforms:

    • Professional websites
    • Publications such as brochures, flyers, and informational sheets
    • Display materials including banners and point-of-sale displays
    • Company vehicles
    • Business cards
    • Email signatures
    • Advertising mediums including print and television
    • Events such as boat shows, launches, community awareness days, and education/training seminars
    • Staff uniforms
    • Social media profiles

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