Course Description

The ABYC Systems certification teaches you how to design, maintain, install and repair marine systems with the confidence you need to succeed in today’s marine industry. This certification is the gold standard within the industry addressing air conditioning, water systems, sanitation, fuel systems, controls, electrical installations, and more.

Topics & Standards Covered

  • Potable water system components and installation requirements
  • Marine sanitation system components and installation requirements
  • Design and installation of storage tanks
  • Installation requirements for thru-hulls, seacocks, shaft seals and exhaust
  • Basic electrical theory
  • Proper sizing of wire and overcurrent protection
  • Installation and characteristics of batteries, charges and inverters
  • Use of liquid propane gas for cooking and heating
  • Fundamentals and installation requirements of air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Characteristics and uses of various types of pumps
  • Installation and safety requirements of gasoline and diesel fuel systems
  • Design aspects of steering and engine control systems
  • Characteristics of bow thruster and windlass wiring circuits
  • Design and operation requirements for portable and fixed fire-protection systems
  • General boatyard knowledge topics (Usage of specific tools precision measurements
  • Boatyard etiquette

ABYC Standards Covered

  • A-1, Marine Liquefied Petroleum (LPG) Systems
  • A-4, Fire Fighting Equipment
  • A-6, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment
  • A-24, Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems
  • A-31, Battery Chargers and Inverters
  • A-32, Power Conversion
  • E-11, AC & DC Electrical Systems on Boats
  • H-22, Electric Bilge Pump Systems
  • H-23, Water Systems for Use on Boats
  • H-24, Gasoline Fuel Systems
  • H-25, Portable Gasoline Fuel Systems
  • H-27, Seacocks, Thru-Hull Fittings, and Drain Plugs
  • H-32, Ventilation of Boats Using Diesel Fuel
  • H-33, Diesel Fuel Systems
  • H-35, Powering and Load Capacity of Pontoon Boats
  • P-1, Installation of Exhaust Systems for Propulsion and Auxiliary Engines
  • P-14, Mechanical Propulsion Control Systems
  • P-28, Electric/Electronic Control Systems for Propulsion and Steering
  • T-1, Aluminum Applications
  • TH-22, Educational Information About Carbon Monoxide

Exam/Credit Details

  • In-Person Course Fees: Member $1,295 – Nonmember $1,495
  • Online Course Fees: Member $985 – Nonmember $1,495
  • Exam only Fees: Member $295 – Nonmember $595
  • The exam is comprised of 213 questions
  • The passing score: 83%
  • Timed Exam: 3.5 Hours
  • CEUs available: 32

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