Marine Trades Accreditation

Welcome to the future of marine trades education. ABYC’s Marine Trades Accreditation Program (MTAP) sets the gold standard in marine trades training and education.


For institutions looking to stand out, to truly make a mark in the marine trades industry, we are proud to introduce MTAP. MTAP isn’t just a program; it’s a promise of excellence with the best practices, resources, and tools to cultivate top-tier marine professionals. Designed for both secondary and post-secondary institutions, this program offers an unbiased review of curriculum, resources, and teaching methods. Our aim is to align education with real-world industry-recognized topics and techniques. The core mission of MTAP is to enhance both the quality and volume of marine service professionals, ensuring students are seamlessly integrated into the boating industry, meeting its demands.

Program Highlights

  • Quality Assurance: Schools under MTAP boast of an ABYC seal of quality, ensuring students receive the best in marine trade education.
  • State-of-the-Art Resources: Access to the latest tools, tech, and techniques in the marine world, ensuring educators are equipped and students are industry-ready.
  • Partnership Opportunities: Connect with key industry players, benefiting from partnerships that enrich the learning experience and open doors for students post-training.
  • Empowering Educators and Students Alike: With MTAP, educators receive unparalleled support, training, and resources, ensuring their students get a comprehensive education

For years, companies that build, maintain, or repair boats have not had a consistent, reliable source of new entry-level employees. As a result, there are jobs waiting for well-trained technicians from recognized schools. The goal of MTAP is to help better connect the student to the boating industry and its needs, through high quality institutions.

Join the elite group of institutions that have adopted the MTAP. Shape the future of marine trades with ABYC.

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