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Are you passionate about marine service but not sure how to advance your career?

ABYC offers 9 specialized certifications: Marine Electrical, Marine Corrosion, Marine Systems, ABYC Standards, Gasoline Engines, Diesel Engines, Marine Composites, A/C Refrigeration, and Advanced Electrical. Certifications are valid for 5 years.

We offer certification courses in several formats:

Online Live

Join ABYC Instructors for LIVE online class sessions, 3 days a week for 3 weeks on Zoom. We never take attendance, and always record live sessions for those days you can’t step away for class.

Online course access & resources are provided to students via the ABYC Online Learning site. Access will be emailed one week prior to course start dates, as well as instructions for downloading zoom.


Students have the choice to purchase an ABYC Certification study guide and do a self-study. Certification exams are then purchased separately, which students are required to take online through a proctoring service.

Learn more about the Self-Study certification format by contacting Casey Bates.

On Demand

ABYC currently offers two on demand certification classes – ABYC Standards and Advanced Marine Electrical. In this format, students are able to learn and study course material at their own pace, on their own time. At the end of the course, on demand students will also be required to take their certification exam through an online proctoring service.

In Person

Keep an eye out for rare, in-person opportunities to earn your ABYC certification in person! We host, and work with other organizations to host a limited number of in-person courses to give our Members and students an opportunity to gather and network.

Interested in hosting an in-person certification class? Contact Casey Bates.

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Certification Course Descriptions:

Marine Electrical

The ABYC Electrical Certification has become the most recognized and credible demonstration of skill mastery in the marine electrical service and installation field worldwide. Become an industry expert in electrical fundamentals, multi-meter usage, battery, and inverter installation, and more!

Marine Corrosion

Corrosion is often surrounded by mystery and misinformation but in reality, it can all be explained and mitigated by employing science. Students in the course will gain a thorough understanding of the types of corrosion and how to perform a systemic corrosion analysis. Learn more here.

Marine Systems

The ABYC Systems certification teaches you how to design, maintain, install and repair marine systems with the confidence needed to succeed in the marine industry. This certification is the gold standard within the industry addressing air conditioning, water systems, sanitation, fuel systems, electrical installations and more! Learn more here.

ABYC Standards

The ABYC Standards Certification course provides students with a comprehensive and focused look at the key ABYC Standards and addresses specific compliance issues relevant to engineers, installers, compliance inspectors, and marine surveyors. Learn more here.

Fuel Systems

Gasoline and Diesel have been combined into one inclusive course! As most in-depth engine diagnostics and repairs are manufacturer specific, this course focuses more on the ABYC Standards that apply to both gasoline (petrol) and diesel-fuel engines, and the systems they are connected to, such as fuel, electric, drives, and exhaust. Basic troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of these various systems is addressed as well. Learn more here.

Marine Composites

This complete and all-encompassing composites course is designed for boat builders and manufacturers. The curriculum includes marine composite construction, production and advanced manufacturing processes, quality assurance, compliance concerns and more! Learn more here.

A/C Refrigeration

A/C Refrigeration certification covers installation and troubleshooting of both AC and DC electrical systems for refrigeration air management system, related plumbing systems and refrigeration systems. The course also covers troubleshooting of reverse-cycle air conditioning systems. Learn more here.

Advanced Electrical

As the electrical and electronics systems on recreational vessels become more complex, the electrical technician is tasked with keeping pace alongside these advancements. This course offers a deeper look at concepts from the Marine Electrical certification course as well as an introduction to advanced topics like three-phase power distribution and the ever-evolving technology of electric propulsion. Learn more here.

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