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Project Technical Committees
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Below is a list of ABYC Project Technical Committees. Please click to expand.

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Aquatic Invasive Species

    T-32 Design and Construction in Consideration of Aquatic Invasive Species

Boat Service

     TY-28   Boating Lifting and Storage

Control Systems

    A-33 Emergency Engine Cut-Off Devices
    P-14 Mechanical Propulsion Control Systems
    P-17 Mechanical Steering Systems
    P-18 Cable Over Pulley Steering Systems for Outboard Engines
    P-21 Manual Hydraulic Steering Systems
    P-22 Steering Wheels
    P-23 Mechanical Steering and Propulsion Controls for Jet Boats
    P-28 Electric/Electronic Propulsion and Steering Control Systems


    E-2 Cathodic Protection
    E-10 Storage Batteries
    E-11 AC & DC Electrical Systems on Boats
    E-30 Electrical Propulsion Systems
    S-31 Environmental Considerations for Systems and Components Installed Onboard Boats
    TE-4 Lightning Protection
    TE-12 Three Phase AC Electrical Systems on Boats
    TE-13  Lithium Ion Batteries

Electrical Component

  • A-28       Galvanic Isolators
  • A-31       Battery Chargers and Inverters
  • A-32       AC Power Conversion Equipment and Systems
  • C-7      DC Battery Switches for Use on Boats (Under Development)
  • C-1500   Ignition Protection for Marine Products
  • C-1107   DC Battery Switches for Use On Boats (Under Development)

Engine and Powertrain

    A-27 Alternating Current (AC) Generator Sets
    P-1 Installation of Exhaust Systems for Propulsion and Auxiliary Engines
    P-4 Marine Inboard Engines and Transmissions
    P-6 Propeller Shafting Systems
    S-33 On-Water Engine Emissions Testing
     UL 1129 Standard for Wet Exhaust Components for Marine Engines (Under Development)

Fire Fighting Equipment

  • A-4      Fire Fighting Equipment
  • A-14   Gasoline and Propane Gas Detection Systems
  • A-24   Installation of Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Alarms
  • A-34   Smoke Detection Systems
  • UL 1110 Standard for Marine Combustible Gas Indicators

Fuel and Ventilation

    H-2 Ventilation of Boats Using Gasoline
    H-24 Gasoline Fuel Systems
    H-25 Portable Marine Gasoline Fuel Systems
    H-32 Ventilation of Boats Using Diesel Fuel
    H-33 Diesel Fuel Systems
    TH-22 Educational Information about Carbon Monoxide
    TH-23 Design, Construction, and Testing of Boats in Consideration of Carbon Monoxide
    C-1 Primer Bulbs
    C-2 Carbon Canisters for Marine Applications

Hull and Deck Structures

    H-3 Exterior Windows, Windshields, Hatches, Doors, Portlights, and Glazing Materials
    H-31 Seat Structures
    H-40 Anchoring, Mooring, and Strong Points
    H-41 Reboarding Means, Ladders, Handholds, Rails, and Lifelines
    T-17 Compass Installation

Hull Performance

    H-1 Field of Vision from the Helm Position
    H-4 Cockpit Drainage Systems
    H-5 Boat Load Capacity
    H-8 Buoyancy in the Event of Flooding/Swamping
    H-26 Powering of Boats  
    H-28 Inflatable Boats
    H-29 Canoes and Kayaks
    H-35 Powering and Load Capacity of Pontoon Boats
    H-37 Jet Boats – Light Weight
    S-7 Boat Capacity Labels
    S-8 Boat Measurement and Weight
    S-30 Outboard Engine and Related Equipment Weights
    T-1 Aluminum Applications for Boats and Yachts
    TH-12 Outboard Engine Mounting Guide

Hull Piping

    H-22 Electric Bilge Pump Systems
    H-23 Water Systems on Boats
    H-27 Seacocks, Thru-Hull Fittings, and Drain Plugs
    H-30 Hydraulic Systems
    TH-29 Sewage Systems
    C-1113 Standard for Electrically Operated Pumps for Nonflammable Liquids, Marine (Under Development)
    C-1121 Standard for Marine Through-Hull Fittings and Sea-Valves (Under Development)
    C-1193 Standard for Marine Filters and Strainers for Nonflammable Liquids (Under Development)

Navigation Lights and Sound Signal Appliances

  • A-16   Electric Navigation Lights
  • A-23   Sound Signal Appliance
  • C-5 Construction and Testing of Electric Navigation Lights (Under Development)
  • UL 1104 Standard for Marine Navigation Lights (Under Development)

On-Water Education

    EDU-1 On-Water Power Standard
    EDU-2 Skill-Based Human-Propelled Standard
    EDU-3 Skills-Based Sailboat Standard
    EDU-4 On-Water Instruction Standard

Product Interface

  • S-32   Warnings and Safety Signs for Boats (Under Development)     
  • T-5     Safety Signs and Labels
  • T-24   Owner/Operator’s Manuals
  • T-31   Marine Law Enforcement Craft Acquisition and Safety     

Thermal Appliance

    A-1 Marine Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Systems
    A-3 Galley Stoves
    A-6 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment
    A-7 Liquid and Solid Fueled Boat Heating Systems
    A-22 Marine Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Systems
    A-26 LPG and CNG Fueled Appliances
    A-30 Cooking Appliances with Integral LPG Cylinders
    C-3 Alcohol, Kerosene, and Solidified Fuel Cooking Appliances for Marine Use
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