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ABYC uses a committee system to review and develop standards and technical information reports. The process is open to anyone that is materially affected by the standard. Although encouraged, ABYC membership is not a requirement for involvement in the standards review process. It is essential to have the appropriate technical expertise and a diverse group at the table to ensure the highest quality standards. If you are interested in becoming involved in the process and supporting boating safety, please feel free to contact ABYC to learn more. 

About the PTC

Each standard is assigned to a particular Project Technical Committee (PTC). The PTC is the body responsible for reviewing and updating ABYC Standards and Technical Information Reports. The PTCs are organized by subject matter and may have one standard assigned to it or several assigned to it.

Click here for a list of standards by PTC.

Click here for a list of standards currently under review.

For a list of PTC members and their affiliations and interest categories, please email comments@abycinc.org.

The PTCs typically have a minimum of one meeting a year. This meeting may be a physical meeting at Standards Week or webinar at another time during the year. Additional webinars may be held based on PTC need and workload. PTC membership is required to be balanced with no category (boat builders, accessory manufacturers, surveyors, technicians, consumers, etc) exceeding 1/3 of the membership. Click here for PTC meeting FAQs.

PTCs are governed by ABYC's Technical Board Rules.

Roles in the PTC

Chair The leader of the PTC, not an ABYC staff member, appointed by the Technical Board based on experience, expertise in the subject matter, and willingness to serve.

Vice Chair This individual is expected to assume the duties of the Chair in his or her absence.

MembersThis group is required to attend meetings, vote, comment when needed, participate, and generally add to the discussions in their area of expertise. Attendance and participation at a PTC meeting is necessary prior to PTC membership approval.  Apply to be a member of a PTC 

Mail List These participants are interested parties who may have an application waiting for membership or who just want to keep informed of a standard’s progress. They receive all information and communications and have the ability to comment on documents under review and actively participate in meetings. They cannot vote on formal ballots but may be allowed to participate in balloting during a meeting at the discretion of the PTC Chair. Join a PTC Mail List 

Staff The ABYC staff function is to keep the formal records of the meeting, edit documents, record the disposition of the comments discussed, keep order, and remind participants of the rules of engagement. Staff may use their technical expertise to clarify or expand on the discussion but does not have an opinion on a technical matter under consideration.

Get Involved!

We have an outstanding opportunity for you to join ABYC’s project technical committees (PTC). We are looking for new members in the following PTCs:

 PTC  Individuals Representing
 Fuel &   Ventilation  Boating manufacturers, Engine manufacturers, Insurance industry, Surveyors, Government, Trade Associations, and Consumers
 Hull &   Deck   Structures  Engine manufacturers, Government, Consumers, Trade Associations
 Boat   Service
 Boating manufacturers, Engine manufacturers, Accessory   manufacturers,   Insurance industry, Surveyors and Consumers
 Product   Interface
 Boating manufacturers, Engine manufacturers, Accessory manufacturers,   Insurance / Survey industry, Trade Associations, Consumers, Government

 Thermal   Appliance

 Boating manufacturers, Engine manufacturers, Accessory manufacturers,   Insurance / Survey industry, Trade Associations, Specialist Services, Consumers,   Government


Definitions of Categories

Category Definition
Manufacturer – Boats Individuals whose primary business is building boats.
Manufacturer - Engines Individuals whose primary business is building engines and propulsion systems.
Manufacturer - Accessory
Individuals whose primary business is building accessories for boats eg. Accessory and equipment manufacturers, and raw material suppliers.
Insurance / Survey
Individuals trained as surveyors and/or individuals whose primary employer is an insurance company.
Specialist Service Individuals who are boat repair technicians, boat dealers, or other positions at a boat yard or service industry.
Specialist Misc. Individuals employed as Lawyers, specialists and consultants, writers, naval architects and individuals who are employed by testing labs.
Government Individuals representing the US Coast Guard, state boating law officials, and other government representatives.
Consumer Individuals who are boaters or members of boat owner associations.
Trade Associations Individuals representing manufacturing associations eg NMMA staff, NMEA staff, etc.
General Interest Individuals who are materially affected but are not related to any other categories.



To learn more about how to participate, please contact Sara Moulton at smoulton@abycinc.org or (410) 990-4460 x118.


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