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Member Challenge Answers
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Answers based on E-11, AC and DC Electrical Systems on Boats 7/2015.

Correct Answer in Red!

1.  A 36” 4 AWG conductor connects your battery to a battery switch with another 40” to the starter solenoid.  At what point on this conductor does E-11 require you to have overcurrent protection?

a) Within 7”

b) Within 40”

c)  Within 40” of the battery switch

d)  No OCP required

*Cranking motor circuits are exempt from the 7” requirement per E-


2. A 52” 8 AWG conductor runs in split loom from the battery to a distribution panel of breakers.  At what point on this conductor does E-11 require you to have overcurrent protection?

a)  Within 7”

b)  Within 40”

c)  At the distribution panel

*With the conductor connected directly to the battery and protected by a sheath, OCP is required within 72” per E- Exception 2

d)  No OCP required


3. You are replacing the wiring to the bi-color light on the bow of a 22’ center console with duplex wire.  It draws .8A @ 12V and is a 12’ (one way) run from the distribution panel. What is the correct wire size?

a) 12 AWG

b) 14 AWG

c) 16 AWG

d)  18 AWG Voltage drop tables do not specify a wire size for loads under 5A, so this one takes a little math using an equation found in E- 18 AWG is permissible if bundled, otherwise the smallest individual wire is 16 AWG


4. When determining wire sizes for various circuits, what circuit does not require 3% voltage drop.

a) Bilge pumps

*A common misconception is that bilge pumps must be 3%, rather it is bilge blowers that must be since their air discharge calculations are based on ratings that are established at specified voltage. If they do not discharge the appropriate amount of air, the required 4 minute blower run time may not be adequate to displace gasoline vapors

b) Navigation lights

c) Panel board feeders

d) Electronic navigation equipment


5. A battery switch is required on the positive conductor when

a) There is electronic equipment onboard that contain continuously powered memory

b) The battery (or battery bank) contains more than 100 ampere hours

*Battery Switches are required with a battery (or bank) that exceeds 800 CCA rating or 100 Amp hours per E-

c) There is a permanently installed battery charger

d) The conductor is equal to or larger than an 8 AWG conductor



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