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ABYC Staff



John Adey, President, Ext. 117, jadey@abycinc.org

As the title implies, I have a bunch to do around here! Other than having the privilege to work alongside everyone else on this page, I talk boats all day long! Power, sail, row or paddle, we cover it all. If you need help, have some input, or want to talk about your business and how we can help, pick up the phone. There is no better part of our business than getting to know our members and how they make their living in our industry. How can I help you today? Look forward to speaking to you soon!


Deb Love, Accountant, Ext. 113, dlove@abycinc.org

Ensuring that financial sense is baked into our business model is my goal here. Accurate reporting and analyzing where we’ve been in order to assess where we should be going are my priorities. If you hear my slinky in the background, it means I’m thinking really hard!

Kaitlin Foster-Clark, Accounting Assistant/Facilities Manager, Ext. 112, KFosterClark@abycinc.org

As the name implies, I help manage the books and financial records while attending to any office and building maintenance matters.I also help with administrative tasks, such as membership and ABYC store mailings and updating database records.

Helen Koepper, Project Manager, Ext.114, hkoepper@abycinc.org

As Project Manager I am responsible for any special project or systems integration that may arise. Each day is different. In fact, I've been described in having a degree in "odd things". IT/Database manager, Grant manager, contract work, ISO work, Legal support, anything's possible! My key role is supporting the mission and vision of ABYC.



Brian Goodwin, Technical Director, Ext. 115, bgoodwin@abycinc.org

 Standards, standards and more standards. I eat, sleep and breath this stuff. I even considered naming my children H-38 and E-12. Maybe I need a vacation. From answering technical questions to the revisions, I am involved.



David Broadbent, Technical Specialist, Ext. 119, dbroadbent@abycinc.org

As the standards specialist, I am here to answer technical questions and support the PTC’s in their work. If you have any questions or want to participate in the standards process give me a call.

Lynn Lipsey, Technical Coordinator, Ext. 118, llipsey@abycinc.org





Ed Sherman, Director of Educational Programming, Ext. 45, esherman@abycinc.org

I'm responsible for the development and updating for all the certification and training programs that ABYC offers. I also present on educational and technical topics at a variety of marine industry events. I spend a portion of every week answering technical questions from the thousands of students I've had the pleasure of working with over my years as the lead instructor.

Kevin Ritz, Lead Instructor and Chapter Development Manager, Ext. 50, kritz@abycinc.org


Sandy Brown, Customer Service Manager, Ext. 101, sbrown@abycinc.org

My roles are many. I know the ins and outs of the education department as I match members with the appropriate class, and schedule classes all across the US. I'm the one who signs you up for webinars, works with your local marine trades association and workforce development agencies. I also travel to trade shows under my membership role. I love helping members increase their bottom line. I talk to so many of you on the phone and look forward to one day soon putting a face with a name.

Matt Wienold, Education Development Manager, Ext. 116, mwienold@abycinc.or





Casey Bates, Education Services, Ext. 100, cbates@abycinc.org

Anything you need, I can help you! My roles vary from education to stocking the coffee. Working alongside Sandy and Kevin, I can assist you with signing up for membership, registering for a course, discussing test scores and ordering ABYC publications! Give me a call and I’d be glad to help you.



Kevin Scullen, Membership Manager, Ext. 102, kscullen@abycinc.org

As the Membership Manager at ABYC, my focus is growing the membership base and developing new benefit programs to deliver an excellent value proposition. With the continued support of boating industry representatives, we will be able to expand our educational and certification opportunities to enable ABYC to continue to be the go-to source for design and safety. Please call me to join, recommend new members or to discuss ways in which we can help you grow your business


Meghan Sykes, Membership Assistant, Ext. 110, msykes@abycinc.org

When your ABYC membership is up for renewal, you will most likely get a call from me! I work with Kevin to provide excellent membership services and to keep your ABYC business profile up-to-date. I am also the resident technical writer, assisting with our quarterly journal, the Reference Point, and anything else the ABYC staff needs reviewed or edited. No dangling participles on my watch!


Shannon Seipp, Marketing/PR Manager, Ext. 105, sseipp@abycinc.org

Simply put, my job is to raise the public's awareness of ABYC and all that we do for safer boating. Additionally, if you are an ABYC member and/or certified tech then you too are committed to building a better industry and I am here to assist you grow your business. Give me a call anytime to talk - I'd love to help!


Call ABYC headquarters at 410-990-4460




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