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Certification Program

ABYC offers a nationally accredited certification program designed to improve the quality of boat maintenance and repair and the professionalism of technicians. This certification program provides standards-based, continuing technical education for marine technicians throughout the industry. An ABYC Certified Technician offers not only trusted customer satisfaction but also increased profits from better trained, more effective technicians on a recognized career path.

When consumers need their boat worked on, they consider quality, fair pricing and great customer service when choosing where to bring their business. It can be difficult to know who to trust but when you are ABYC Certified there is a built in sense of confidence and peace of mind right from the start. ABYC is a symbol of certainty.

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Certification Details

  • As of January 1, 2017 ABYC Technician Certifications require 2 years work experience in addition to successfully passing an exam.  The exam may be taken at any time.
  • ABYC Certifications remain active for five (5) years.
  • Re-Certification requires 10 CEUs in addition to passing a re-certification exam.
  • ABYC Master Technician status is achieved after earning 3 or more ABYC Technician Certifications. This level of education demonstrates a commitment to industry knowledge and excellence.
  • ABYC Certification classes are held in various locations throughout the U.S. and Canada (See the class calendar above)
  • Certifications are verified by the third party Nocti Business Solutions ensuring relevance and value.
  • Built in and efficient marketing – ABYC provides tools to spread the word about your Certification and sends clients to you! Read more HERE

Obtaining a Certification


Download this document 

In an effort to strengthen the value of ABYC's Certified Technician program, two major changes are being implemented. These changes are similar to what other familiar industries have done for many years including the automotive ASE Certification (Automotive Service Excellence).  These changes are being driven by our members’ requests to improve the quality and reliability of employees entering the boating industry.


Section 1:  Certification Designations

ABYC recognizes that many different types of marine industry professionals desire ABYC technical certifications, however not all of those individuals are physically working on boats. Many are in an advisory or consulting position and have a need for the same type of knowledge, but lack the practical skills that are necessary by service and installation technicians. ABYC has created certification designations to better associate the type of work being done by the individual. 

Advisor Certification

Designed for people who work within the marine service sector that desire an ABYC certification but do not physically work on boats performing repairs. 

Examples: Marine surveyors, customer service representatives and engineering standards compliance specialists. 

  • Requirements for initial certification: Passing score on certification exam 
  • Requirements for re-certification: Passing score on re-certification exam + 10 CEUs
  • Certifications are valid for 5 years

Technician Certification

Technician certification is the means by which the ABYC and the general public identify those that are actually certified to perform trouble-shooting, repairs and equipment installations on boats. 

Examples: Technicians, installers. 

  • Requirements for initial certification: Passing score on certification exam + 2 years of work experience.
  • Requirements for re-certification: Passing score on re-certification exam + 10 CEUs
  • Certifications are valid for 5 years

Section 2:  Work Experience & Continuing Education Units

Work Experience

In order to obtain a Technician Certification, 2 years of documented work experience in the field related to the certification will be required in addition to passing the certification exam. Related work experience is intended to ensure that technicians are regularly involved in the tasks that they are certified in.

Example:  A technician whose sole responsibility is engine repair is not eligible for an electrical certification.

  • Proof of work experience may be submitted using the forms available HERE.
  • 1 Year of work experience is defined as 500 hours spent performing certification related hands-on tasks

Continuing Education Units

CEUs have long been used in other industries to promote the continual growth & improvement of certifications. 10 CEUs in a related field are required for re-certifications in addition to passing the re-certification exam.


You may receive credit by substituting relevant formal training.

  • Graduates of an ABYC Marine League School will receive 1 year of Work Experience towards the Technician Certification requirement for their coursework.
  • Surveyors who are accredited through marine industry educational partners (such as SAMS (AMS) or NAMS (CMS)) and in good standing with their respective organizations have met the CEU requirement for an Advisor Certification. 

Implementation of New Requirements 

  • Official start date of the new requirements policy is January 1, 2017
  • New certifications are subject to the new requirements 
  • Re-certifying candidates are subject to the new requirements as follows:
    • Re-certifying in 2017: No Additional CEUs required. (Grandfathered)
      • This group will not be required to accumulate CEUs until 2022
    • Re-certifying in 2018: CEUs ARE required as described in Section 1


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